Cacelorazo (vinyl LP)

by [guÿôm]

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    12inch vinyl LP coming with four stickers to complete the cover (but more than surely, you may not get the four right stickers...).

    LP Vinyl 12 pouces, avec 4 stickers pour compléter la pochette (mais il y a de grandes chances que vous ne receviez pas les 4 bons stickers...).
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"Guyom is a monstertruckdriver on Planet Mu, a bass-thrower in line of dancefloorfire sparking weirdness and humour like there is no tomorrow. If you want to get the strobelight ready, better do it now. But to focus solely on the twisted and distorted beats, the iconoclastic and pounding rhythms and percussions, is taking it a step to little for Guyom. As is stated somewhere on the record, “cacelorazo” is also a word for banging pots and pans to create noise during protests and demonstrations. It started in Argentinia in 2001 and then made some headway into the global news for its news-worth. Like the whistles in Germany or the orange shawls in the Ukraine and nothing at all like happy slapping in the United Kingdom. The whistling soon was eaten up by mass techno and I don’t even want to talk about what the colour orange stands for now in Austrian politics (fucking right wing extremists…) and happy slapping is hopefully a trend gone by now. Guyom will be a lonely dancefloor dj when putting politics to obviously into the faces of partygoers, who at times prefer to have a spoon and nothing to eat to the vice versa situation, but he might make it up with his tracks. If the crowd is open minded to twisted rhythms and distorted sounds, that is, because he likes to take them to extremes, as on “contre ventes et marchés”, where he speeds up the keys and mixes them against a shitload of drums and idm breakbeats. (By the way, the label IDM has always seemed like an oxymoron to me, but so has most of the music labelling business anyway).

But maybe he is not at all about politics, but rather affected by the noise-side of the cacelorazo-kind of demonstration. A noisemaker and crowdmonger, a peace disturber and frantic dancefloor collaborator. I can see some of the bass sounds on this record destroying the concrete walls of clubs, which would add some truth to this assumption. And he likes to flaunt an equally twisted humour (especially during the hillbilly sequences at “Cart(o)on” and then some other places) that sometomes might seem to obvious. I have no idea how this works on dancefloors? Maybe it is too single-minded on a weird drum sequence and one added line of other sounds, though judging from what I know about idm/techno-parties, which is admittedly not very much, it might be too multi-layered for some of them. This definitely isn’t the bland four to the floor beat (though “Moody building” definitely goes into that direction, even perusing the swooshed in hand claps, but takes a detour by using a slew of different basic rhythms) and it is also not the refined and micro-distilled breakbeat stuff of the more academic circles. “Cacelorazo” keeps away from straightforwardness, smells home brewed and has the distinct flavor of a local speciality that comes from an inside will to create some noise and stirr the shit around. Guess that worked out fine.

From time to time a record like this hits the Cracked home and if time and circumstances are right, it will be welcomed warmly and with a big hand. Examples would be Larytta (Creaked Records) or O.Lamm (Active Suspension). Thankfully Guyom had the same luck. Thanks for twisting our homeoffice dancefloor."

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released September 15, 2009

All tracks by [guÿôm] -
Picture by Alexis Raimbault -
Graphic design by Hentapenta -
Mastering by Gwen Labarta -


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